Firmware update! Is there hope?

My Drobo dashboard just notified me of a firmware update for my 5N2. Does this possibly mean there are still signs of life at Drobo??

Not sure I’d trust it. Lots of units have been bricked recently.

Really?? I hadn’t heard about that. I’m not going to update my firmware - if it ain’t broke, don’t update it :smile:

Just a few stories…

Yeah, I upgraded to the latest firmware before seeing all the horror stories. So far, it’s working fine, but I wouldn’t have chanced it had I seen all the issues people are reporting.

Also, it looks like someone at Drobo pulled the update from the downloads page:

The zip file for 4.3.1 is still on the servers (you can enter the filename manually), so Dashboard might still detect it. I would hold off until there’s a more stable release.

It looks like there were quite a few new features and fixes in 4.3.0 and 4.3.1, so maybe one of them caused a side effect?

If their goal was to drive away what few customers they had left, I think this did it.

We are all waiting to see if Drobo comes out of Chapter 11; we can hope. My Mac Studio M1 on Monterey 12.5 gave me a new message: “Legacy System Extension – Existing software on your system loaded a system extension signed by ‘Drobo’ which will be incompatible with a future version of macOS. Contact the developer for support.” So I suppose when Ventura comes out, with no update, it’s the recycling bin.