Firmware Update - 2.1.0 ?

Jennifer, (or another Data Robotics - Moderator/employee)

Can Jennifer or another Data Robotics - Moderator/employee elaborate on exactly what was resolved in terms of “Error Detection” - Enhancement with Firmware Update 2.1.0 for Drobo S, as the below statement which appears in Release Notes for Firmware Update - 2.1.0 for Drobo S ?

Firmware Update - 2.1.0 (Dec. 21 Release Date) – Release Notes, state "
Improvement in error handling of defective disks"

My Question:
… So, specifically what were the exact “issues in the error handling of defective disks”, before the Vers 2.1.0, that are now resolved ? … and what is the improvement ?

With the release of the larger size drives (3tb), we updated our error enhancement capabilities to include the newer drives. Thank you for your question/feedback and for participating in our forums.


Thanks for info. Thats the extra detail I was looking for.

… Sure would be great, if in the future, the Release Notes stated the extra detail in their descriptions. Many times the change description is just too brief.

… Also, in “General” the Release Notes on Dashboard Releases like Vers 1.7.3, say something like “Minor Improvements”. etc, … , sure would be great to have more details as to what they actually are.

Better get Dashboard 1.8.2 or 1.8.1 becos 1.73 is not compatible w/ the DroboS 2nd Gen (tested on both Windows 7/Windows Server 2008R2 64-bit) and MacOS X Snow! The bad thing is Drobo web site still has 1.73 as the latest and no warning regarding issues using 1.73 w/ DroboS 2nd Gen! Took us more than 2 days to find out and the solution actually came from one of our customers. :wink:

Hopefully the disc that comes with the S 2nd Gen has the right dashboard version. I remember the situation was similar when the FS first appeared.

The CD that comes with the DroboS Gen 2 does come with the 1.8 Dashboard.

Yes but we thought 1.73 is the latest on ur web site so we didn’t bother to check the disc. Besides, we thought 1.73 works on our DroboS USB2.0, then it should work on USB3.0. Well, we were wrong! Will check the CD from now on.
So, where can I download 1.8.2?

When you install the version of Dashboard on the CD you will be prompted to update to 1.8.2.

The automatic firmware udpate doesn’t always work and we have to resolve to the manual method. So, is there a ftp site where we can get the latest & greatest firmware & Daskboard? TIA

The latest version of Firmware is always on the web site. To get a FTP address you will want to contact support.