firmware revision 3.5.2 for drobo 5n

I have a new 5n with nothing on it as yet. I see they have a firmware update to upgrade the 5n to 64tb. Where is? Looked everywhere. Did find 3.5.2 for the 5c that did not work.
Any help, hate to let it set for months.

Current version for the 5N is 3.5.12 available here…

I have 3.5.12 now. The release notes show in part.
Enhancements & Fixes in 3.5.2
• Support for 64TB volume (New installs only)
• Support for 4KN drives
• Improved overall system performance
• Fix issue with 5N showing up as “?” icon on Mac Finder
• Fix Finder copy failures using smb

Thanks for the help.

I’m not sure what you’re seeking. Firmware 3.5.2 is several versions back and came out about a year ago. If you are on version 3.5.12 then you already have the benefits of previous versions. A new format (or reset) of your current drives will give you a 64TB volume size automatically.

I did the reset like it said to do. Now loading files to the 5N and looks like it will max out to 16tb.
Everything I’ve read so far says 3.6.12 will max out at 16tb. and that’s what I’m seeing.
Thanks for the trouble.

The 64TB limit is the maximum capacity for a volume, but it may or may not be your actual capacity. Your actual capacity depends on your drives installed. What have you read that states 3.5.12 maxes out at 16TB?

Simplest way to determine your actual capacity is add up all your drive sizes and subtract your largest drive (largest two drives if using dual-disk redundancy). You can go “up to” 64TB in storage space.