Firmware & Droboshare upgrade


I’ve recently been pestered to upgrade my Drobo V2 to version 1.4.2. I would normally jump at the chance but it’s connected to a Droboshare 1.1.2. I know the step up to 1.4.0 was incompatible with Droboshare.

Is anyone aware of any such incompatibilities with this latest version? I took a look at the release notes, but didn’t see anything.


The incompatibility issue was fixed with firmware 1.4.1. Firmware 1.4.2 is compatible with the DroboShare but you will need to continue to use Dashboard 1.8.4.

Thanks for this. I’ve upgraded my Drobo without incident.

success stories are always cool to hear - :slight_smile:

(also good to note that its good to check and prep before performing something, at least as much as possible)