Firmware Changelog?

I’ve just been on holiday for a month and I spot theres a 1.1.15 update available for our DroboPro. Unfortunately when I read the new firmwares release notes it only lists fixes for that release and doesn’t mention anything of fixes in the releases between 1.1.5 (my current version) and this newest release.

I’ve had a poke around the support section - is there a page somewhere I’m missing so I can see whats changes between all versions?
If not it would be good to have some sort of page (or stickied post) like this.

Also the RSS feed for updates is broken (again).

no, they dont post the inbetween versions usually. you havent “missed” the 6, 7 , 8 etc ones…

So the previous firmware before 1.1.11 is 1.1.5? That’s slightly confusing. Number jumps are fine but it would be good to identify if we’re just one or many firmware releases behind. Maybe in the release notes there should be a line “Applicable to all units running 1.1.5 and below” or something.

Posted firmware went from 1.1.5 to 1.1.11.

There were firmwares in between but were not released.


As the release log for 1.1.10 isn’t available anymore my problem is still there - what’s has changed since 1.1.5?
I was only away for a month but there were at least 2 updates released in that time (.10,.11) - if not more. How am I meant to know if there was a major bug fixed and that I may need to update to fix? If this was the case I would no idea as theres no information available anymore.

If there was a single updated changelog or an archive of the older release notes it would be useful. You can take down the firmwares but the pdf release logs can also help with trouble shooting problems & bugs of a particular firmware.

Release notes are still available on our website for 1.1.11.


FYI the firmwares between 1.1.5 and 1.1.11 were never released on our website. They were internal revisions of the firmware to get to the released firmware 1.1.11.