Firmware 2.1.1 changed more then published in release notes

After upgrading from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 firmware the Drobo S 2nd Gen. was not detected in Windows 7 64 Bit anymore using IDE mode on eSata. In BIOS it was recognized as before.
Using USB 3.0 ports the Drobo S did not go into sleep mode together with the PC, it did only when the PC was shut down.
After a request to support I went back to firmware 2.1.0 and the Drobo S works again in IDE mode on an eSata port as before.
Just a note to everyone: I was told going back to 2.1.0 would delete all data was just not true - ALL DATA where still on the Drobo S !

I will be very careful in updating firmware in the future !!

FYI, I was told the same thing about reverting back to 2.1.0.

I was also told that “that firmware has major issues and could cause data loss”

I asked the rep, ok, if that is true then why wasn’t this mentioned in the 2.1.1 change log?

Response “I don’t write the tech notes…the engineers do”

Nice, huh?

2.1.0 is running no problems for me with Esata where 2.1.1 caused major issues mentioned in another thread.

I easily believe that. Support reps by nature want to help customers. Engineers want to design products.
From everything I’ve seen in these forums over the last year, DRI no longer puts a high priority on customer support. I doubt their support organization has much input to other areas of the company.

Reason #1 why I don’t do updates till others report back LOL

Where is the 2.1.0? I would like to roll back.

did you find out how to this? i’m in the same boat.

You have to ask support to send the link for 2.1.0