Firmware 2.0.1 upgrade failing

I seem to have a string of bad luck with my drobos at the moment - power supply failure (now fixed!), loud fan and now this :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get firmware 2.0.1 on my drobos with little luck and get an error message when starting the process:


I’ve tried all the advise on this page but still no joy. The dashboard was able to upgrade itself to 1.6.8.

Anyone else had this and solved the problem?

How are you connecting your Drobo S to your computer?

Firewire 800

Connect via USB and try the firmware update.

I tried that as suggested in the support guide as well but still got the same error.

Will the firmware not run if the drobo is rebuilding?

Regardless of whether it’ll run or not (I suspect it may not), I would definitely wait until the rebuild is complete before doing a firmware upgrade. Best to handle one thing at a time. :slight_smile:

Yeah fair enough. Will leave over night and try again tomorrow and report back here (I’ve waited for a while for the chance to apply the update and since the unit is up and running again I thought I would get it done before the device is in demand!)


Were you swapping between cables while the drobo was rebuilding?

I tried the upgrade before the drives where added, then I tried when the rebuild was running and I did change the cables during the rebuild.

I tried again today after a completed rebuild and used both USB/Firewire ports and still no luck. I have a Drobo diagnostic log if this would be useful?

Yes, please open a support case.