Firmware 1.3.5 ?

Anyone knows where that download is?
The news of the new firmware is on the website, but there doesn’t seem to be any files on the site aside the release notes, and of course as usual dashboard states that it has the latest.

It’s an auto update which is currently being uploaded to our FTP servers. Please give it some time to catch the auto update.

Brilliant, thanks :slight_smile:

When I click 'Yes" to update the firmware, I get the message that the update was unsuccessful.

It has taken a while, but I’ve now successfully downloaded 1.3.5 to four different Drobos. Obviously the server has been busy – I still haven’t been able to update an old copy of Drobo Dashboard on my seldom used Vista laptop.

For those of us with multiple Drobos, I would suggest that DRI ALWAYS post the download for manual update, in case the automatic update doesn’t work for some reason.

I just had Drobo Dashboard auto-update me to 1.3.5

Strangely, after the Drobo applied the firmware and rebooted, DroboShare saw it, but said “Drobo is not formatted”

After a slight bit of panic, I shut down the Drobo and power-cycled both it and the DroboShare. When it came back up, all was good again.

Is it normal to need a full power-cycle after a firmware upgrade? I don’t recall having to manually power-cycle after the initial firmware upgrade (forgot what version it was)…


I am having the same problem, I cant update, running 10.6

I just auto updated here on Snow Leopard but I cant find release notes anywhere. It’s worrying how quickly this came out after 1.3.4 though.

Well, I can see it downloading the update when I click “Check for Updates…”. But then it just fails. I’ll assume it’s the same issue as 1.3.4, where the download needs to be renamed to a .zip file, unzipped, and manually applied.

…sure enough…searched my hard drive for “1.3.5” and it finds the update inside the Drobo Dashboard folder in Applications. Rename it to a .zip file, unzip it, and manually update my 1st Gen Drobo with the “rev1” file.

At least I know what to do know. :slight_smile: Be warned, I take no responsibility if these steps fry your data!

Good update on Snow Leopard,

Upgrading the FW still tells me that it was unsuccessful and I verified that I do not have any file with 1.3.5 in the filename on my Mac

OK … I found v1.3.5.tdz on my other Mac that was successful in upgrading the firmware of a Rev1 Drobo … I copied it over to my Mac, renamed the extension to .zip and unzip’ed. I then went into Dashboard …Option Clicked “Check for Updates” … navigated to the rev2.tdf and it’s greyed out … Does anyone know what is going on?[hr]
Well … I guess I was pressing the option key. Pressing the control key worked. Upgrading the firmware now … This was way more difficult than it should be[hr]
So … Now th the question on why was I unable to upgrade via Drobo Dashboard?

I just updated a V2 to 1.3.5 on my PC and it seems fine. What are the changes with the new firmware?

I just updated a V1 and a V2 Drobo to 1.3.5.
It worked flawlessly via a DroboShare from Mac OS X 10.6.

Successful update of a 2nd gen Drobo on Windows 7RC here. Since it couldn’t automatically unmount the drive to restart, I shut down the computer, which made the Drobo run the actual update. Took a minute or two for the capacity LEDs to come back on, but once they did everything was peachy.

Tried auto-upgrading to firmware 1.3.3 and get “The Drobo Firmware update was unsuccessful.”
Tried manually upgrading to firmware 1.3.3 and get “The Drobo Firmware update was unsuccessful.”
Would someone please post a link for where to FIND the 1.3.5 firmware update? The Drobo website is pretty much unhelpful in that regard, announcing that it exists “somewhere” but with no links to it, and since my Drobo (2nd Gen) won’t automatically update, I’ve no clue where to go.

@Quisp Please open a support case.

Hi Jennifer, I have the same issue, update unsuccessful… Gen 1, Win 7 RC.

I’ve submitted a support case.

I wouldn’t rush for the 1.3.5 update unless you feel you actually need it, i and others are now experiencing frequent disconnects from our Drobo/Droboshare and are trying to go back to the previous working firmware.

Well I took the plunge and went for the automatic update (drobo connected via droboshare under Windows XP). This seemed to install ok - but when the drobo rebooted all it did was flash 4 red lights back at me… so I tried re-cycling the power on both the drobo and droboshare - same result. Then I connected the drobo via usb directly to PC and to my relief it came up ok. I reconnected the drobo to the droboshare and all came back up ok… I had to restart the drobo dashboard app in order for it to see the drobo via droboshare.