Firmware 1.2.1 is out

I haven’t seen anything here about it. Drobo Download page. Downloading now and updating.[hr]
Failed to install for me.

I don’t see anything for the Drobo FS - the only 2.1.1 I see is for the DroboPro FS. However, based on a closed support ticket (sadly unsolved), DRI indicated they expect to have a software update for the FS out this month.

“Mac Write”… you beat me to it!

Yesterday, we did post a firmware update for both the Drobo FS (1.2.1), Drobo B800fs (2.1.1), and DroboPro FS (2.1.1). These updates are available at http://www.drobo.com/support/updates.php. The release notes are posted there, which highlight the changes in this release. A few key enhancements are improved AFP/Time Machine performance on Mac OS X and Drobo Dashboard discovery reliability.

If you have one of the “FS” products, I highly recommend updating.


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Odd that Drobo Dashboard’s update feature is not seeing it, and that we don’t have an updated version of the Drobo Dashboard for FS units (still on 2.0.3, while other units are up to 2.1).

Applying it now; here’s hoping for the best. :-)[hr]
Initial signs are good - small file performance looks more consistent; instead of seeing enormous pauses (>1min) every so often, I think I see small pauses more frequently. These are small enough that if I wasn’t specifically watching, I wouldn’t notice them, and it makes performance much smoother and more predictable.

I don’t use Time Machine on the DroboFS, so no data from me there. Best of luck to everyone else, though. :smiley:

I can’t say whether Dashboard discoverability is any better for a while, but i’m hopeful that the issues I’ve seen there are resolved (although they always seemed to be on the client end, not the DroboFS end, so we’ll see).[hr]

While we have some DRI attention here, could I plaintively beg for some increased support in these forums? This may be the first mod post I’ve seen in many, many months.

Wonder if it fixes the issue of my drobo dashboard not ever seeing my drobo anymore. Start happening after the 2.x upgrade that took away the little icon on my task tray that showed how much space I have left.

Dear all,

For Drobo FS, it should be 1.2.1 version of firmware. After upgraded, I have no more errors while moving files around.

Happy Upgrading :slight_smile:

They fixed it! I can still see my Drobo from the dashboard as of this evening almost 24 hrs later after the upgrade.

I upgraded the firmware last night. I can now consistently see the Drobo FS from the dashboard app, and time machine backups - both Ethernet wired and wireless - seem to be going much more smoothly. Fingers crossed!

What a difference the firmware update makes! I’m connected to the drobo fs via gigabit ethernet. Incremental backups on Time Machine used to take 10-15 mins, now down to 3 and half mins.

Although greatly improved, we’re not at 100% yet. I’m still seeing the same behavior from Drobo Dashboard not discovering the DroboFS. Shows up especially on a laptop on wifi; I can still connect to the DroboFS via AFP just fine, but the Dashboard doesn’t see it. As before, shutting down the ddservice processes and restarting them with launchctl fixes it - indicating that this is a Dashboard problem, not the DroboFS unit.

Hmm…is the update available thru automatic updates? Mine keeps telling me that 1.2.0 is available. Will 1.2.1 be available for automatic download after 1.2.0 is installed og is it simply not available thru auto-update yet?

I had to install the firmware update manually, per this doc:


(basically, download the firmware file from drobo support, launch dashboard, and hold control key while checking for updates)

what version of dashboard are you using? I have been using 2.0.5 for quite a while with my DroboFS’s and it seems to be working flawlessly.

2.0.5 for me as well. Never dared 2.1.0.

Confusing: OP announcing firmware 2.1.1 is out while the DROBO FS new firmware version is 1.2.1.

@OP: Change your post subject (as you are here in the DROBO FS forum and not DROBOPRO FS forum)

@newhorizon/drobolars: where did you get Drobo Dashboard 2.0.5 from? The official download page latest version is 2.0.3

Hi All,

The current version of the Drobo Dashboard for the FS is 2.0.3, according to http://www.drobo.com/support/updates.php

Also, the release notes for 2.0.5 don’t list the FS as supported.

It sounds like many of you are using it, but these two facts have me worried…

What does Drobo officially say?!??

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I’ve also had DRI recommending 2.0.5 in trouble tickets, but until they update the Drobo FS page to recommend it (and documentation to show the FS is supported), I’m not touching it.

Why they issue multiple versions of the same software for different hardware models is beyond me. It seems like exceptionally poor management.

Don’t hold your breath. I sent epounds a PM 5 months ago & never got a reply.

Not sure how you guys are confused, but the latest update is on the downloads page. I upgraded manually and it works great now.

Here’s the 12/13/2011 update PDF:


Ohh… I see you guys are talking about the Dashboard. The downloads page has it 2.1.1 listed for the FS. I’m using it and it works fine.

Aha! That’s new - wasn’t there as recently as my post yesterday. Thanks for the heads up; Drobo Dashboard didn’t notify me of a damn thing.

Here’s hoping I can close my ticket for discovery problems!