Firmware 1.1.3

A little birdie told me…(on 9/11/09):

“…it sounds as if your configuration mandates that we upgrade your Pro to firmware 1.1.3, which should be out within one working-week.”

let’s hope this fixes all the problems and bad carma of the current one

crossing fingers here too.

One for me, too! I’m back into “Delayed write failed” territory. 2.0 would be great, but 1.1.3 is fine too.

Oh, please God, let it fix the iSCSI problems!

I was told it will have improvements for VMFS for those having ESX/ESXi troubles.

I wonder how many have those problems compared against the performance ones. Who would want to run ESX on a Drobo like this anyway. If this is what they are fixing then they certainly have their priorities wrong.

Don’t be too quick to judge…I didn’t ask about performance improvements, so that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. If nothing changes with the next revision, I’ll be right with you grumbling, but let’s see what they have in store first.

You’re right obviously, this just shows my despair