Firewire 800... yet?

Ok so I have owned a drobo for a month or 2 and am deciding whether or not to go the firewire route. I’v searched google and all the information is old. And I’v searched this forum (drobo) section and looked like Unibrain has a working driver for windows 7. But nobody has said if it works, or speeds.

So the question is.
Is anyone running firewire 800 with windows 7 64bit/32bit? If so how are your speeds? Right now I’m around 24/25 mbps with ubs 2.0.[/color]

i had a complete nightmare trying to get it to work and ended up just giving up

with a regular drobo the slow link in he chain is generally the drobo, not the interface,

stick with USB, there is be little/no improvement switching to USB and its just a huge PITA

Alright I’ll just put it off for now and maybe some day drobo will have a fix. thanks

To be fair, Microsoft broke Firewire in Windows 7.

Even for DV devices on 1394a (Firewire 400), most people have to force the 1394 Legacy driver.
SBP2 (Firewire mass storage) seems to work OK on my wife’s machine, but throughput is hit and miss.

I was lucky enough to get my Firewire iSight to finally work by forcing the 1394 Legacy driver, connecting the iSight, letting the drivers load, then disconnecting it and installing the ubCore drivers from Unibrain. Without ubCore, the webcam settings are unavailable and the image is way over gained.

But like Docchris said, the limiting factor is the Drobo itself. On a Drobo v2 you will see little or no performance difference between USB and Firewire, so unless your USB bus is clogged, it’s probably not worth the hassle to get it going on Firewire.

Hmm I had tried using a firewire 800 to 400 converter from amazon for $5. That would explain why that SOB woudln’t work either. Messed around with the 1394 drivers for an hour before I gave up. Then just figured it was the cord or drobo.

In my day job I work with some Firewire products and we’ve found that the cheaper adapters are hit-or-miss. This Belkin Firewire 9-pin to 6-pin cable seems to be “the” one to get, according to our customers and support staff.

Unfortunately DVI/HDMI suffers from much the same - the adapters usually work, then you run across something that just plain is happier with a DVI-to-HDMI cable, or a device that simply won’t work at all with the adapted connection (had this issue with some newer Samsung LED TVs that only have HDMI when used with a Gefen DVI-over-fibre adapter).

[quote=“Docchris, post:2, topic:2166”]
i had a complete nightmare trying to get it to work and ended up just giving up[/quote]

I did this on Win XP a long time ago now, and my experience was identical. I gave it up, a waste of my time.

Correct. This is just a fact, a Drobo v1 / v2 is simply slow. There’s no point in using it with Firewire 800, certainly not on MS Windows. USB2.0 works much better and much more stable, e.g. w.r.t. port multiplication (multiple partitions, max 2 TB on Win XP).

“No point in switching to Firewire” it should be. I cannot agree more. If you want to do something better performance wise with a Dorbo, you need a new Drobo S. But of course then it’s eSATA one should use, not Firewire 800 with MS Windows.

In conclusion: all the FW 800 stuff is in practice for the Mac users only. MS Win users of Drobo can just safely ignore everything in these forums (or elsewhere) about FW 800.


yeah my fingers go faster than my brain, thanks for the correction!

dont forget that Drobo S is now USB3 too (i have other USB3 drives and they are light years ahead of USB 2)