I have a Drobo5N connected directly to a laptop running Win7Pro (64-bit). The laptop is running McAfee SecurityCenter v.12.8 b.12.8.944. When I first connect the Drobo to the laptop, Drobo Dashboard will not detect the 5N. If I disable my Firewall, the Drobo detects just fine and I can reenable my firewall again, without issues. I’ve confirmed that Drobo Dashboard is granted Full Access in Internet Connections for Programs. Should I open up any ports to resolve this issue?


hi, for the mcafee part, it might just be that it accepts “already-running-programs” or “already connected devices” when it starts up, but that it blocks “newly-added” things, unless whitelisted.

there might be some configuration you can do in it, to allow the drobo or drobo software to be always accepted, and/or the ports that dashboard is using?

alternatively, some other software (or an update to mcafee might help) as some programs allow you to always remember something for the future, instead of auto-blocking.
(also look in the mcafee to see if you can enable some kind of “prompting” so that it let you know it just blocked something, or to ask you if you want to allow it etc)

one other option (if youre comfortable with it) could be to auto run dashboard on windows startup, but to delay the mcaffee service but could be a bit risky.