Firefly with Lion and Home Sharing?

Hi all - first post. I have an FS and would love for my family to be able to all see the same movie list on all our devices, so Firefly seems like a natural for me.

However I’ve seen no updates to Firefly since iTunes switched to Home Sharing several versions ago, and no posts on here at all about it since Lion came out.

This would be my first foray into installing a DroboApp so I’m reluctant to take the plunge unless I know for sure it will work. Anyone? Thanks!

I’m in search of the same answer…

Firefly doesn’t support home sharing, it only support the original iTunes sharing protocol (DAAP) which I believe supports Movies though I only use it for Music. It used to work fine up until Apple released 10.5 which has problems connecting.

Unless we’re all going to run iTunes 10.4 forever what we need is for someone to create a DroboApp for Debian’s forked-daapd which does support home sharing as well as other cool features like streaming over Airplay, etc.