Firefly weird problem

Firefl is installed on my FS, I didn’t change any setting, I moved an album to the default mp3 folder .
When itunes is open, I can see my Drobo Ip address, when I click on it, I can see the list of songs as far as I can hold the mouse on it, as soon as I release the mouse, the list of songs disappear and the screen change ack to my local library. When trying the option to open on a new windows, the songs are not display.
I can see that firefly is working because I see my list of songs, but I just can’t even click on them
Hel would be really appreciated

Same problem here. Anyone experience this?

Have you tried with the new itunes version released yesterday?
Since it wasn’t working on my end, I uninstalled firefly and haven’t used it again.

Same problem here even with the latest iTunes version, it just disappears…