Firefly update on Drobo FS for iTunes 10?


I’ve been following this threads on Apple forums about iTunes 10 that broke Firefly sharing:

My understanding is that there is a fix that has been applied to some related files of what is equivalent to the Firefly package.

I’m asking if there is someone that is working on the Firefly distribution available to the Drobo FS to fix the problem has well? I’ve reinstalled the latest Firefly file, but it is not solving the issue.


iTunes 10.0.1 Update Does Not Resolve Issues With DroboFS & FireFly Media Server, Recognizes The Library & Loads, But once you start to play a track, it plays For a few seconds and then stops.

Don,t know for you, but in my case, it just plain work as it should. At least, that is what I can hear now, it is just playing my music library as if it was in my local iTunes library.

Hmmm. I am running the iTunes test account on a Snow Leopard Server Box. Not sure if that is cause for the weirdness. It definitely starts playing and then stops seconds later and disassociates from the Drobo FS library that it just loaded in. Very strange.
Any thoughts?

Reportedly iTunes 10.0.1 fixes this

No. not fixed for me. Open for any suggestions…

The thing I’m not sure of, is that my Drobo FS library does not show the length of songs, artist name, album name and other metadata.

Was it showing before? I just can’t remember, but I guess it was.

Is there anything we can do to have those metadata showed? Not sure how…

Any suggestion?

Might be a stupid question but … wrong version of tags perhaps or is it on every single file?

I believe I have been experiencing a similar issue with Drobo losing connection. I am using the Drobo FS as my iTunes 10 media server (not using Firefly). iTunes 9 was absolutely flawless with the Drobo FS and Drobo dashboard - no problems. Now, both the “Shared” Drobo folder in OSX and the Drobo dashboard constantly disconnect. I have run thru a slew of attempts to fix it with drobo support (and have an open ticket), but nothing seems to work. I was just curious to see if anyone else had found a workaround… hopefully other than using iTunes 9, as I have a new AppleTV, which I believe requires iTunes 10.

Drobo FS - iMac OSX 10.6.4 - AirPort Extreme Base Station - Netgear Gigabit Switches - Cat6

Not yet. Still waiting for someone to step up to the plate on this one? Data Robotics?
I can tell you that the new beta iTunes release does not fix the issue. The only thing that works is still iTunes 9.

I actually wouldn’t mind rolling back to iTunes 9, but I am pretty sure 10 is required for the new AppleTV and the upcoming AirPlay full-feature rollout with iOS 4.2… I really hope Datarobotics is working on this, but I am glad to see others seem to be dealing with the exact same disruptions.

The new Apple TV require Home Sharing to be enable. While this feature existed in iTunes 9 I did not had the chance to try it.

As to if DataRobotics is working on Firefly, I don’t think so. This is community driven and DR is not involved in this for as far I read on their web site.

What would be cool is to have Firefly compatible with Home Sharing so that iTunes won’t be required for the new Apple TV

I believe the issues experienced with firefly go further than complications with any drobo apps… I uninstalled all of my drobo apps, then turned off the service in the dashboard, so I am accessing media through iTunes 10 that is stored on the drobo, and it is having all of the same behavior that firefly users are describing: Disconnecting of the drobo dashboard, off and on connectivity to media, and even slowed and disconnected use of the folders on the drobo… There are fundamental issues between iTunes 10 and the drobo that need addressing. I plan to contact drobo tomorrow for further troubleshooting. I’ll post if any solution is found… Though aside from an update, I doubt a fix anytime soon.

Hm. I have 3TB of music on Drobo FS solely for use with iTunes 10 on my macs, and it works flawlessly. So I doubt there is a universal issue between Drobo FS/iTunes.

[quote=“stormcooper, post:13, topic:1836”]. I plan to contact drobo tomorrow for further troubleshooting. I’ll post if any solution is found… Though aside from an update, I doubt a fix anytime soon.

I guess you won’t get any support from Data Robotics with that terms of use on their Drobo Apps page:

[quote]WARNING: Use DroboApps at your own risk. By visiting this website you agree that:

A. The DroboApps are the sole responsibility of their original developer. Data Robotics has no liability under any circumstance or legal theory for any DroboApp, errors, omissions, loss or damage of any kind related to your use of or exposure to any DroboApp.

B. All DroboApps are made “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS”. All express and implied warranties (including warranties of merchantability, fitness, and non-infringement) are disclaimed. Any questions or complaints regarding DroboApps must be directed to the relevant developer. Some states do not allow limitations of incidental or consequential damages or on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above may not apply to you. [/quote]

If Droboapps are somewhat considered taboo in Data Robotics’ eyes then they really shouldn’t be touting the ‘feature’ on their main product page. Imo, of course.

[quote]A Drobo as Unique as you Are
Select from a wide selection of free DroboApps designed to give you the freedom to configure and customize your Drobo FS to meet your own unique set of requirements. Our growing library of DroboApps² adds amazing functionality like media, web, and more![/quote]

I do understand your point, but that does change the fact that DR is not involved in Drobo Apps and let that to the community. Hence the fact that they do not support them…

Far from a “solution” in my opinion…

Discussion Thread
Data Robotics 10/22/2010 09:52 AM
Called customer learned that he had set up his iTunes 10 Library at work with a DroboShare and it too had the issue.
Explained that because the issue is present on a wider variety of set ups that he should downgrade to iTunes 9.

Customer 10/15/2010 08:55 AM

In trying to replicate these problems in a different environment, I set up a similar scenario at my office, and am experiencing the same results… These issues seem to occur as soon as the drobo is used as the media storage for iTunes 10. (ie. The media is stored on the drobo, and iTunes reads the media directly over the network.) Connectivity issues begin both to the drobo and the dashboard.

Have you uninstalled dashboard?

How does multiple Macs share one iTunes library? Wouldn’t updating (adding) music to iTunes (thus, changing the database) mess up at some point if multiple Macs are accessing the same database? What if two computers update the database at the same time?