Firefly: some mp3s plays, others don’t AND to much space free

Hi Guys,
my firefly shows very strange behaviour: mp3-Fles on test-playlists were fine, everything plays perfect.
After moving my whole music to drobo and spending ours in making playlists, most of them doesnt play in f**kin Itunes. I press play and absolutly nothing happens!

Is there any way to get firefly (and perhaps itunes) to a very very intese log-level?

my drobo has 5 1-TB-HDs inside,
DroboAdmin says 2TB available, but
df -ah shows 15TB free!
/dev/sda1 16.0T 845.0G 15.2T 5% /mnt/DroboFS

I would be so happy if someone, an admin for example, could reply.

Your disk space question is well-known - All Drobo devices (including the DroboFS) use Thin Provisioning to make it appear that they have more disk space logically than they actually do - otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to expand when you put in another disk or a larger disk. On a standalone Drobo you can set the volume size; on a DroboFS it’s pre-set at 16TB (which I believe is a limit in EXT3 - but don’t quote me on that). That will keep the DroboFS happy through the days of being fully-populated with 4TB drives.

As for the Firefly issue, I can’t comment much (as I don’t use it) other than to say there are dozens of threads covering Firefly in the forum already; please take a look at some of those to see if they’ll help. Firefly is fairly well-known for being buggy and unsupported.

Hey man,
thanks for the reply, the space-thing was the one who givin me sleepless nights because of fear of file-overheads or cross-linked files.
Firefly is more a nice to have thing, nothing really important.
But im sure there is no thread were few files play and other dont.

Again, thanks for help.