Firefly - Is there a new app to replace it?

Firefly has been out of development for a while, is Drobo looking to change the server software or is Drobo just going to wait till it no longer is supported or capable of support for apps like iTunes and other streaming software?

I’ll be honest with you. Last I checked there were no better alternatives to Firefly. The forks had either worse or no webui at all, which makes them not very well suited for a NAS like the Drobo.

What seems to be the only well-maintained successor to firefly, forked-daapd, is not really clear about what versions of iTunes it does support, and as far as I can tell the major feature (video playback) is still missing. The workaround seems to involve a recoding of all media to please Apple devices, which I think you’d agree is a less than ideal solution.

The procedure to pair a device should be enough to make anyone used to the simplicity of either Apple or Drobo products to walk away:

Mind you, if forked-daapd ever releases a user-friendly version I’ll be the first in line to bring it to the Drobos. Until then I’ll be using Plex to stream music and movies.