Firefly Configuration Issue

In install Firefly and with all the default settings it works fine. However, I want to point the MP3 directory to a different location, a different share on the Drobo. The default setting is:


I tried changing it to this and had no problems:


I want to change it to:


When I change it to this, the server is no longer responsive. I can’t reach the Web admin and iTunes won’t pick it up. Do my files really need to be on the same share as Firefly to work properly?

I figured out a fix by changing /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/firefly/media to a symlink pointing to my MP3s at /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/NAS/MP3s.

That’s really odd, I have mine set to “/mnt/DroboFS/Shares//My Music” and it works like a charm… Is your server running after you change the location?