Firefly app handles videos too?

I don’t understand something on the Drobo App page listing…

for Firefly is says: “Firefly supports MP3 audio, various still image formats, and videos in MV4 or MP4 format (just rename .mp4 files to .mv4, no transcoding needed).”

I don’t see anywhere on Firefly (or mt-daap’s Sourceforge page) mentioning Video support…

so does this mean that this “rename to .mv4” is some sort of hack/workaround? do video files show up inline with the music? or do they show up under the “Video --> TV Shows” and “Video --> Movies” section like iTunes would provide?

I’d like the Apple TV2’s around the house work like they do now looking at a home-shared iTunes library on my Windows Home Server (which I am considering replacing with a Drobo FS)

Thanks in advance