Finally Lion-compatible... In what order do I update?

OK, so I am finally ready for OS X Lion. Always an early adopter, this time I had to wait since I am quite dependent on my Drobo FS.

However, now I am a little unsure HOW to update. Lion first, and the Drobo FS + Dashboard, or Drobo FS/Dashboard first, and THEN from Snow Leopard to Lion? I guess I can’t connect to the FS from Lion, otherwise?

And if I am to update FS+Dashboard first, in Snow Leopard, do I update Dashboard or FS firmware first?

A step-by-step instruction would be hugely appreciated!

My recommendation would be to update the Dashboard first, then the firmware (to version 1.2.1, which right now you’ll have to download yourself since the Dashboard isn’t providing it). Once that’s done and everything is confirmed working, upgrade to Lion.

Moving to Lion without the firmware/Dashboard upgrades doesn’t mean you can’t access your data DroboFS, but it does mean you can’t perform a Time Machine backup to it until you update the Drobo FS’s firmware.

Thanks, diamondsw!

However, I am not using FS for Time Machine. And still on Snow Leopard, Drobo Dashboard now asks me if I want to update to fw 1.2.1. Does this mean it also works on Snow Leopard? In that case, I could start by updating the FS, and then upgrade the Macs to Lion, and then Dashboard to 2.1.1?

Oh yes, it works fine on Snow Leopard. And Drobo Dashboard 2.1.1 was just released, so may as well grab that.

(I don’t want to jinx it, but this might be the best my DroboFS has ever worked.)

Thanks. But does the Dashboard 2.1.1 also work on SL? Didn’t Drobo warn SL users not to download the new Dasboard interface?

Hrm - not sure. I thought that they dropped Leopard and Gen1 Drobo support, but best to check the release notes.

OK, I felt pretty confident about this and, still on Snow Leopard, updated FS to 1.2.1. All seemed to fine, though data used to be 2,53 TB and now Dashboard show only 2,47 TB. I have only one share, which auto-mounted – and no files?! Also, settings in Dashboard were gone. No admin config, dual disc redundancy was unticked.

So, now I am updating Dashboard too. What can I do next?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Forget the last post, I got everything back, finally, though I worked up a sweat there for a while…! The new Dashboard actually crashed my MBP several times, until I went into safe mode and deleted all old Dashboard files, and reinstalled 2.1.1 TWICE after that… and now it is back to normal, after two hours of anxiety. Admin rights are back, performance as perfect as the FS can be.

Next step – Lion upgrade…

Just one more thing – Dashboard still says 2,47 TB, but before the updates it said 2,53. Have I lost files or is it just that the stats are updated accurately now?