filesizes of Diagnostics files?

hi guys, i was wondering what determines the file sizes of the files?

eg, i ran a diagnostics for the drobo v1 and v2 about a month ago, and they were about 1.5mb each

after some mft delayed write messages and a powerdown, i ran them again and the v2 diagnostic file was the same size approximately, but the v1 was just about 300kb

we also had a powercut recently and then i ran them recently and the v2 was same as before at about 1.5mb and the v1 was similar around 300kb

so i was wondering are these files simply supposed to grow with time ( as more diagnostic data becomes available) or do they reset every month, or has the mft/powercuts affected it do you think?

full regular chkdsks show the drobo’s to be in good health and the data is available but was just wondering.

i would guess / assume they only keep some thing for a certain length of time…

thanks docchris, thats sounding better if thats the case :slight_smile:

btw if you pull a diagnostics on your drobo pro how large is it and how long does it take?

(btw i raised a support case and my diagnostic files shows no problems with any of the drives, just that i was on 3% free space) - so im doing that long overdue upgrade which i’ll post a new separate post about soon :)[hr]
actually i’ll continue the existing thread :slight_smile: