Files won't copy to Drobo

As a result of my recent drive failure woes I picked up a RAID for secondary storage. While transferring files I noticed that some documents that wouldn’t copy to the Drobo copy to the RAID without issue. Is this a problem others have seen?


Files being copied are primarily Nikon RAW image files, a few JPEGs created from the RAW documents and a few Lightroom galleries. The Nikon images were shot with a Nikon D3X, the Lightroom galleries were created with Adobe Lightroom 3. Both the camera and the app are current for updates.

With the exception of these documents I’ve transferred everything to my Drobo without issue. Also, there are other files shot with the same camera and galleries created with the same copy of Lightroom that transfer fine.

One other thing. What I had been doing with the Drobo and the files in question was create a zip archive of them and save to the Drobo, which worked fine.


I’ve now successfully copied the stubborn data to my Drobo without issue. I’m wondering if the bad drive I had was the cause.