Files stored in share have last update as 2024

Funny thing just happened on my drobo fs. I have several shares set up. One stores my files. Just went into it today, the dates are all messed up. Now all the files say the year 2024 in the last modified.

Any idea what’s going on with this drobo?

Huh, I had the exact opposite happen - my DroboFS thought it was 1999 (at least, that’s what SSH displayed on login - I didn’t check the file dates), which screwed up my rsync backups but good. I’m guessing your DroboFS similarly shifted dates back a dozen years, wrote some files, then “fixed” itself, which shifted the dates forward a dozen years.

Makes me wonder if we need to run ntp on a cron job or something.

Checked it out again this morning. Its been fixed. Reverted back to the original dates. Crazy. Glad its back.

If you see this happen again, please generate a diagnostic file and submit a trouble ticket with it attached.

I have the same file date issue. Running firmware 1.2.1 [4.31.45080]

Please start by updating to firmware version 1.2.2. If the date is still wrong, follow the steps in our KB article at http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/179/kw/timestamp.

The issue is that sometimes the DroboFS is not getting the proper time via NTP. I’ve been on firmware 1.2.2 since long before this happened. I’m not sure why, but I know for several weeks I was logging in to my DroboFS and it thought it was 1999. I didn’t give it much thought until it whacked my rsync backups for a loop. Finally rebooted when replacing the fan and the date was back to normal. Sadly, whatever logs of what went wrong with NTP on that boot weeks/months ago are probably long gone.