Files not showing in Explorer

Hi all,
After creation of files on my Drobo S Gen 2, I am not able to see them in windows explorer. If I open a command prompt and do execute a “dir /s” all the files I copied scroll by on the screen. If I just do a Dir (in that same folder) I get nothing. In windows explorer if I browse to the drive that represents the Drobo and I look in the folder that contains the files I copied, it shows there are no files there. If I try to create a folder in the folder that contains the files I copied, it says the folder exists. So basically they are there, I just cannot see them in windows explorer. I am kind of at a loss.
Prior to this, I reformatted the drive (the volume on the Drobo) and used Robocopy with the /MIR option to copy the data from an internal disk (D:) to the Drobo (G:). I use the same command (robocopy) to back up files to NAS devices I have on the network and I can see the files on those devices fine.

My machine is running Windows 8.1 x64.
Internal Disk C: SSD
Internal Disk D: HDD
Internal Disk F: SSD
Drobo S is attached via USB 3.0 interface (on G:).

This was the command I used:
Robocopy “d:” “G:\Backup\D_Drive” /MIR /R:5 /W:15 /MT:16 /V /NP /LOG:Backup.log

Thanks for any words of wisdom.