Files appear missing

Hi, new here…hope I can get the answers I am after. Actually before I start, is this a new forum as the one I visted once before had a LOT more entries than this one. My old password etc did not work either.

Anyway, to my question.

I have a 2nd Gen Drobo and using a DroboShare as well running on a Mac system, I have 4 x 1TB drives installed. Up until yesterday and have had Drobo for about a year, I had slowly been converting my DVD library to digital. As of last night, had around 350+ movies. I look this morning and can only see 94. I go to " Get Info" and it also says 94 files.

So, I’m thinking the others must have been deleted somehow. So, I go to copy the missing ones back from a backup, and it say that it wants to overwrite the files. These are the files that are not there or so it says.

Can anyone help me understand why they are not showing up but are still there. I know they are as I have an alias pointing to them from my iTunes library and they play. If they were not there, then I should not be able to play them - right!!.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.


Can you right click on of them in itunes and show in finder (or whatever its called on a mac - show in explorer on a pc)?

I would recommend directly attaching the drobo to your computer and running repair disk from disk utilityl

If I select in iTunes and hit Show in Finder it just points to the folder name. If I select one of the files that I can see in the Finder it then takes me direct to that file. Hope that makes sense. Basically the first 94 files are in alphabetical order, so if I select a file name that has an S for example, it points to right folder but does not show the file, only where it should be. But id I select a files with say a B it goes direct to that file as I can see that in the finder. This is very odd.[hr]

OK, will give that a try as well. Very odd. Seeing while I have a mod answering me ( thank you). Where are the old forums. I seem to remember a much bigger one than this, have not been in them for awhile.


This is a new forum.

Well I bit the bullet and reformatted the drive. I am going to leave it off the network using the DroboShare and just use FW800 shared. See if that makes any difference to the performance, it better, very disappointed with the overall speed. The USB between the Drobo and the share is a real bottleneck.

I’m thinking if I can, I will unload this device. It is not what I expected.

Thanks all for the help though.


re: Drobo 2, OS:Vista, Droboshare

This is an issue I reported a while back. Upgraded Dashboard and Firmware allalong, but still present.

At times I get duplicate files showing… two of the same. Same name, size, date, etc.

I delete all the files, then I try to recopy the files, and it tell me the files are still there, and if I want to overwrite.

FWIW this occured the very first time I got the drive. Tech support told me the drive was corrupt, and I must reformat. Done, was OK a little while, but then happened again.

WE have a serious issue here that needs addressing. Bottom line, the data is not safe.

Please open a support case so we can obtain a diagnostic file and review it.

Unfortunately, I tend to agree, with you. I was really wanting this to work well for me, but I, like you have lost confidence in the device. As soon as I get back from O/S, I am going to be looking for an alternative. I have had it over a year now, I think I have given it a good chance to mature. I have taken it off the DroboShare and use it just on FW800 only now, that is better, BUT…I still do not trust it.

Pity really.


Hi Jennifer,

As soon as I spot the issue, I’ll grab a screen capture and do that diagnosis file and open a ticket.

Do refresh my memory on how to get that diagnosis file.

Cage I’ve had a similar issue after my computer experienced an unforeseen shutdown. Disk Warrior fixed it almost immediately (there was another topic on the forum recently with Disk warrior involved). This as such has nothing to do with the Drobo, the data are still there, it’s the operating system that freaks out.

PS. @equiphoto: Drobo Dashboard - Menu - Get Diagnostic Information.

I have the same problem.
I have a folder wich i can’t delete since there’s files in it, but when i look in the folder it’s empty (no hidden files either).
As i know the names of some of the files, i can execute them from “RUN”, but i can’t see them.
I made a ticket a month ago, but didn’t recieve an answer other than an email claimking that my problem was solved and i should rate the support.

I’m also having problems with cloned folders, folders showing up 2 times on the drobo.
So i’m also looking for a better, faster and primary more stable solution.