File Vanished

While moving a file from my desktop to my FS I received a Windows error message saying that the folder on Drobo was not available. I immediately checked Dashboard and the Drobo was connected. I tried again a few times and got the same error message. Then I got a different error message with code 0x8007003b. I tried again and the move seemed to complete because the move window closed. At the same time I noticed a file disappeared from the folder which I had open. I assume it was the file being moved. I have refreshed the folder numerous times but there is no sign of the missing file. I know it isn’t in another folder because the 3 other files from the same move are in the folder.

Contacted support. I wasn’t impressed with the “assistance” sent my way. After much back and forth they basically couldn’t help because I didn’t know the name of the file.

They did give me the suggestion:
Always use Teracopy. I am not convinced this would work and if it does it is treating the symptom not the cause.

And a “warning”:
They would “greatly prefer” I use the Dashboard instead of the power switch to shut down the FS.

What I don’t quite understand is why Windows would delete the source file when an error clearly occurred during the copy. Not to excuse DRI’s response, but there’s probably precious little they can do - I/O errors do happen, but it doesn’t sound like Windows took them into account.

I think Windows only deleted the source file because the Drobo said all was OK but it wasn’t.

I am sorry to hear that this happened. Unfortunately, the DroboFS doesn’t have any way to recover the file when this type of I/O error occurs. We always recommend having backups just in case something unforeseen happens.

The reason the unit shouldn’t be shut down using the switch is that this causes an unsafe dismount of the volume, which causes file system errors (file system corruption). If enough file system errors accumulate, the volume eventually will not be able to mount. Shutting it down from Dashboard ensures that the volume is safely unmounted first, then the unit shuts down.