File Transfer Stuck

Hi folks. I have a large file (56 GB iPhoto photolibrary) that’s stuck. It is misbehaving with iTunes with regards to getting/sending iPhone pictures and syncing.

I want to copy this file to a local drive. There’s a long time for preparing for the file transfer, then it comes to my workstation at a slow rate (3.1 MB/s or slower) and it is stuck around 7.6 GB, with 12 hours to go.

Oh look at that. It just started up around >20 MB/s. Why did it do that?

Is there something I’m missing here? Why is this misbehaving like that?

Any insight appreciated.


I sometimes find similar oddities.

I normally manage to solve the problem by using a different protocol. I don’t know why it happens and whether it is because of crappy implementations by Drobo or Apple. I wish I did know.

If you are using an AFP share, change to SMB. You can find this out by right-clicking on the mounted volume in Finder and selecting Get Info - you should see something like afp://YourDroboName._afpovertcp._tcp.local/ShareName.

Change to a SMB share in Finder by choosing Go --> Connect to server, then type smb://YourDroboName into the server address box. Choose which share(s) to connect to and they will be mounted in Finder.

(on windows, if a transfer seems stuck, theres a way to look at the file’s “properties” every minute or so, and if it is increasing in filesize, its usually still trickling through. Get Info on that file might do something similar for you on mac).

An Aperture or iPhoto library seems to be single file but is a container. A 56 GB library takes about half a million files. And that really takes along time with any NAS. I do not recommend to use these libs from a NAS volume.

Aperture and iPhoto libraries are packages.

hmm these libraries / packages etc are likely to only ever really grow in size…
i wonder what would be a good set of methods for having those backed up and synched etc (with / or without having to be tied into 1 particular product)?[hr]
if the libraries only appear as 1 big file, but if they are in fact actually made up of several different folders and subfolder, with the individual files, then hopefully a tool can be used to simply sync the files that have changed.

but if they are actually containing all the small files, in a structure within 1 single file, then i dont see how easy it is to sync it, especially if encryption were to be used.