File transfer and heat concern with Drobo 5N

Just got my drobo 5N working yesterday. Overall I’m happy with the unit. I have two questions:

#1 With some files when I move them to drobo over my network I will get a message from windows “do you want to move this file without all of its properties?” What does that mean? Surely drobo isn’t using mixed file systems such as FAT32 AND NTFS? I thought drobo used its own file system when it formatted?

#2 I’ve got my Drobo in my entertainment center with doors closed on the front. There are cable routing holes in the back? Will heat be an issue? When doing really large transfers the drobos fan can really crank… I just want to make sure its not overheating… thanks.


  1. well it’s you are mixing file systems… you are moving from a NTFS/FAT 32 system on your computer… over to the network’ed fileystem, over SMB (networked Drobos use ext3 interally); so some NTFS properties cant be stored on the Drobo’s files system (as you correctly sumised drobo does use its own file sytem, but that isnt NTFS, which is what you are copying from!)

  2. thats kind of up to you to decide, stick a thermometer in the cabinet and see what the air temp gets up to