File size mismatch when copying to Drobo?

I recently got a drobo and have been trying to copy data (using teracopy) to it and have run into a bit of a problem. With almost every batch of data i copy over i get some files with CRC mismatches (the file sizes on the original drive and the drobo are different), i have tried copying the same files to a drive other than the drobo and no crc mismatches. I have checked the files (visually/audibly, apart from the CRC checking) and asides from the size mismatch they seem to be ok; it is by no means all the files in a batch, actually quite few (like maybe 100 out of 15,000) but I can copy to my regular NAS and not have one error, i don’t see why drobo should be different.

Has anyone had similar problems (I wasn’t able to find a similar post)? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



4, 2tb hitachi drives
Regular Drobo using 2.0 USB
drobodashboard 1.6.8
drobo firmware 1.3.5