file recovery Drobo 5D

I have a Drobo 5D with 4 hard drives running 5D 3.2.2 Firmware. A large folder full of videos was deleted which was around 1TB of data. How do I recover these files?

Firstly, STOP writing new data into the Drobo 5D volume. This is to avoid new data over-writing the underlaying blocks of the HDD.

  1. If it is a Drobo 5D direct attached storage, it will be attached to your Mac or PC with the 5D volume formatted as HFS+ or NTFS. In BOTH case, deleting files or folders from the 5D volume with OSX or Windows. It should be in the TRASH.

**But in your case, if the folder is 1TB in size… is too large for TRASH and will be “deleted” without doing to TRASH.

  1. Depending on whether the 5D volume is formatted for NTFS (Windows) or HFS+ (OSX).
    Most of the market Data Recovery software should be able to scan and recover “deleted” file(s) and folder(s), provided the underlaying blocks are not over-written by new data.

For Mac OSX - Try DataRescue.
For Windows - Try R-Studio

**Both DataRescue and R-Studio recovery software are commercial software. I believe they have trial version which you can download and try… if it is able to scan and locate your “deleted” folders or data… then maybe you can consider purchasing the software.

Good luck!

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