File Problems

Received my Drobo and DroboShare last week, initial format (NTFS, mix of XP and 7 machines on network) went smoothly. Last night, when moving around some video files, suddenly it said I didn’t have permission to modify files. Then things got more strange. AVI files turned into folders with other AVI files inside which were also inaccessible. I know that sounds weird, but that’s what happened. I was able to copy files, so I copied the files inside the troubled folder to a different folder on the Drobo. After reading a few posts on here, I put DroboShare on standby and moved the Drobo to a Windows 7 machine. To my horror, 50+ files in the troubled folder dissapeared. The backup folder I had created was also gone. I ran chkdsk /f and it said files were recovered, but nothing showed up on the drive. Dissapointed, I put the Drobo back on the DroboShare when low and behold, a “found.000” folder showed up with about 30 of my lost files inside. I copied the recovered files to a new directory but now it won’t let me delete any files within the recovery folder, I delete them, they dissapear, but then show back up about 10 seconds later. Any ideas how I can fix this and not have it happen again? Thanks![hr]
Quick followup info…

I reconnected back to my W7 machine (USB) and the recovery directory does not show up like it does through DroboShare. I also noticed that in the Drobo Dashboard, the initial screen with the pie chart, it lists the File System Format as NTFS. But, when I click on “advanced controls”, then the “tools” tab…it lists under DroboShare “This Drobo has been formatted in FAT32. You will be able to connect…” Is this normal or should they both say NTFS? I initially formatted the Drobo on a Win7 machine in NTFS, then connected it to the DroboShare later on.

The FAT32 is IMO a bug.

And, I wouldn’t use NTFS on drobo. IIRC it is a reverse engineered version. Hence I think it’s better to use a format that is openly available and can be implemented without any glitches.