So I recently got my drobo and droboshare and I love them. The app I love the most currently is FUPPES. Unfortunately one of my devices doesn’t support mkv files with ac3 audio, however fuppes has the capability to do transcoding on the fly.

My question is does anyone know if the droboshare has the capacity and or processing resources to be able to handle transcoding on the fly?

I don’t really want to dive into trying to figure out if I can get ffmpeg or another tool working on the droboshare if it can’t handle it.

My guess is that it probably can’t but I could be wrong.

Thanks for any help and/or heads up.


I think your hunch is correct, but I haven’t tested. The processor is one usually found
in cell phones and wireless access points. It might work on lo-res stuff like analog tv,
at best, but I think you’d be lucky even then.