Fastest way to Copy Data off Drobo FS?


My DROBO FS is probably dying, but I’ve got the data repaired enough to move to another drive.

What is the fastest way to move or copy files off of it to a Non-RAID drive?

I have a headless Mac mini sitting on the network that can handle the 1.3TB data transfer I need to do, which includes some old TimeMachine Backups I’d like to save, along with photos and movies for long term archival protection. I have a USB 3.0 drive plugged into that, and have mounted the DROBO FS on that desktop. The Mac Finder is notoriously slow and I wondered this:

Will rsync speed things up noticeably?

Or, does the DROBO have enough access to its Linux to run rsync or some other similar command?

I don’t want to make this more complicated than it has to be, of course, but if it will save hours of copy time, I’ll abort the Finder copy and run something else.

I will not replace this old DROBO with another DROBO NAS, but really want to get all of the data off of it and will try a Synology NAS once all of that is done.

Very much obliged for any assistance with this!