Fans spinning even when "sleeping"

Hi folks! I’m hoping someone has some tips or information on this, all things considered, very minor problem.

I have a drobo mini with 4 SSDs installed, connected to my Mac Pro using thunderbolt. When I put my computer to sleep, the drobo mini also does likewise, with all LEDs off except for a yellow LED indicating, I assume, “sleeping”. However, the fans still spin, which I am finding minorly annoying as the device is in the same room I, too, am tying to sleep in and the noise is noticable enough.

Is this expected behaviour? I would hope that in this mode the device isn’t using enough energy to need air circulation. Is it purely tied to internal temperator, and am I exacerbating the situation by having 4 SSDs ?

Thank you for your consideration!

hi chris,
is it possible that the fan is on (to remove heat that built up during use) but that it just happened to stop when you fell asleep? (or does it still have the fan on when you wake up too?

(i think the mini also does some internal data scrubbing and it might be that the best time for doing that, is when the drobo is not being heavily used… can you check in case the drives are chattering away, or possibly to feel the vibrations of the drobo unit when this happens?)[hr]
btw can i check what computer you have, as some other uses mentioned some issues regarding sleeping on a mac and was just wondering

Thanks for the response!

  • Fans are still running in the morning.
  • The power light is yellow, suggesting that it has recognised the sleep status of the Mac Pro.
  • It’s a late 2014 mac pro… one of the “black cylinder” kinds.
  • Would the data-scrubbing still occur even in this sleep state?
  • All drives are SSDs, meaning… no chattering noises to listen to, alas.

thanks for the info chris, (and yes, ssd: sound silenced drives indeed) :slight_smile:

the data scrubbing might not initiate while sleeping, (though i do seem to remember some occations where my drobo was doing some work internally beforehand, and then it delayed itself in shutting down until after completing.

would you be able to try using dashboard as a test, to try issuing the shutdown command, just to make sure that the fan and drobo go off, and then sleeping your computer?

(if it still does not go off, maybe you can then try again, but this time also shutting the computer down instead of sleeping, just to see what happens, and also if still having fans, to then disconnect the computer connection cable from the drobo to see too?)