Fan running when computer turned off?


I have a Drobo gen 3 and when i turn off mu computer the lights on the drobo all go off (as expected) but the fan continues to run unless i switch it off at the switch. Is this right? My other HDD and RAID’s shut down completely when i power down the computer, and then turn on when the computer is powered back up. It’s just a little annoying to have to shut the Drobo down and then remember to power it back up separately.

Can anyone confirm this is normal behaviour and/or a way to remedy it? Does the fan turn off after a certain period of time or something that i haven’t discovered yet?

Thanks in advance.

Yes the fan always runs but the power LED should be amber in standby.

Thanks Geoff. Not that answer i was hoping for but it’s good to know that there’s noting wrong with my gen3 in particular.