Fan Replacement Needed

I awoke this morning to a dreadful sound coming from my data closet…it was the fan in my 5N. After three years it’s giving up, and failure is not an option!

Anyone know of a suitable replacement? I’ve found information online dealing with this, but proper fan selection is important. I’m looking at these two options…

Any other options I should look at …or something I should be concerned with?


No opinions?

Here is my post about drobo 5N fan specs:

You should get a similar fan.
Pay attention to airflow and minimum voltage (no PWM).

Thanks for responding. I’ve seen that thread before, but I wasn’t sure if any new information was out there.

Question though…how do you determine the “V min”? I’ve never seen that listed on any specs.

I disassembled my Drobo and replaced the fan this morning. I had two 120mm fans laying around…one pulled the proper amperage but pushed less air, the other pushed more air but pulled twice the amps. I chose the first one. I also blew out all the accumulated dust while I had it apart.

I did find the proper fan for sale online. Next time I replace it I will buy that fan instead of using whatever I have lying around.

hi dragon, its cool you were able to find a fan to fix yours.
if the fans are fairly cheap it might be worth getting one while its on sale so that it becomes one laying around, but hopefully the other fan will last you a long time. (just keep an eye on your heat levels if its not blowing enough air then it might be worth getting the other one for 10 pounds or so to play safe)

I went ahead and ordered the proper fan …less than $20 with shipping. I will replace it again when it arrives. I need full air volume! :slight_smile:

oh ok cool i just saw your other thread too :slight_smile:

Hi mate,

I just replaced my drobo fan with the top one you mentioned.

In one of their FAQs it mentioned that the min voltage is 5.5-6v for their industrial range.

I’d recommend buying one instead of the stock fan. It’s totally silent. My lounge is a lot quieter now