Fan noise

I ordered a Drobo FS last week and was a little irritated about the noise of the fan. It is continuously spinning at the same level, noise is comparable to a Mac Pro in idle mode.
Drobo support told me that this is not normal and asked for the diagnostic data. Result: “Temperature sensor is not working, device has to be exchanged”

Now I’m sitting here in front of the next Drobo FS and it is as noisy as the first one. Could anyone here give me a hint how the fan noise should be under normal conditions?

Mine is loud as well, fan always runs at a constant speed. I’ve sent them my diagnostics file on two separate support tickets, no ones mentioned the temp sensor being bad.

I thought I had a faulty fan as well but found it was actually the external power supply whistling

Mine is loud as well, not very happy about it. Mine is placed in my living room so I´m not sure if I can live with it actually. I´m guessing the fan is supposed to turn off if the “disk-spin-down” feature had worked. I too have a support case going on. It´s about the noise and the fact that after installing Dashboard 1.7.2 I simply cant connect anymore (!). It pops right up in Finder, but I cant connect. Bye-bye data…

Well I sure hope you are correct about the fan noise being linked to the drive spin down. I had intended to place the Drobo FS in my living room setup as well when I move soon, but now that I have it up and running on my desk and its quite loud, I’m considering running a GigE line to my closet to place it in there… Thats not good when you are temped to hide it away due to the fan noise. I’m hoping they regulate this better in a future firmware update.

Well, at least with the Drobo-FS you have the (cumbersome) option of putting it in a remote place with a network connection.
With Drobo-S, which AFAIK has the same hardware and same noise level as Drobo-FS, you can just suffer…
Too bad Data Robotics forgot about the Drobo-V1 noise fiasco after producing the Drobo-V2…

I too hope, but after learning that the Drobo V2 does not shut up even when the disks are spun down I´not so sure anymore. I believe the fan goes on and off every 5mins or so.
The Drobo S/FS is defently not living-room friendly. If you have an FS and somewhere to put it I would just go ahead and buy some cable. If you have the S and no other computer to connect it to besides a living-room computer you probably will go insane after a while.
Lets pray for firmware updates!

Dunno what you guys are experiencing, I owned a Drobo v2 and now an FS and they only well full force with their fans if their was a heat issue (living room being quite hot). The loudest regular noise was drive spinup/spindown on the v2, which wasn’t too bad. The Drobo FS currently doesn’t spindown, however :frowning: Have my FS right near my tv area for now and I can’t hear it if I’m watching anything.

Now the V1, the fan on that is retarded. We have one at work and if the the fans start I can hear it no matter where I am in the office. At least it’ll go into standby with no fans.

Any word from DR about this?

How loud are we talking? I have a Drobo 2nd Gen on my desk at work and a Drobo FS at home and I don’t have a problem with the noise level of either of them. The one on my work desk is about a foot away and I do hear a slight hum from the fan, but nothing that equals the noise level around me. The drobo FS at home sits on tope of my rolltop desk and I don’t hear it at all.

I would really appreciate an answer by Data Robotics.
The fan of my Drobo FS is spinning at same speed constantly. Doesn’t matter if I copy a Terabyte to it or leave it alone for an hour.
Up to now nobody at european support could answer my question if the fan should be temperature controlled or not. Their analysis result was, that the temperature sensor in my first Drobo wasn’t working at all. Obviously it doesn’t work in the second Drobo, too.

  • several Drobos have a broken sensor?
  • european support has not be informed that the sensor value is never provided and/or the fan is not temperature controlled at all?

Case IDs: 100523-000010 (US) and 2010-04510 (Europe)

The fan is controlled by temperature. It should spin down when your drives are cool enough and when the drobo detects the temperature increasing, will spin up the fan. You will hear the fan, but should not be something that is distracting or too loud to bare.

Would you say the usual noise (no read/writes for more than an hour) is similar to a Mac Pro fan noise when idle? Would you say that it is easily recognizable in a silent room from 20 feet distance?
Would you suggest to open a new case at US (or european) support and to send the diagnostic data of my new Drobo (that replaced the one with defect temperature sensor)?

Thanks for your help,

My drobo FS, sits 1 foot away on my desk. I cannot hear it.
My 2nd gen drobo is louder when the drives are being accessed then the FS.

Not familiar with the sound of a Mac Pro’s fan.

And yes please open a new support case. And send in a diagnostic file.

Case ID is 100602-000060, diagnostic file is attached :slight_smile:

Wow 1 foot away and you can’t hear it?!?
In that case I should log a support case too!![hr]
Ticket # #100603-000014

Did you receive an answer from the support yet?

Guess I should open a case too. The Drobo FS is much louder than the Drobo 2nd gen. Honestly I don’t know where to put without distracting anyone. Ticket #100608-000095

Mine is very quiet… I barely notice it. if anything I hear the accessing drives more then anything cause its right next to where I work at the desk.

Just wanted to chime in with my experience thus far with the new Drobo FS. I love it and it works great except…

The fan on my Drobo FS is running continuously 24/7. This doesn’t seem right at all! I suspect a defective temperature sensor or other hardware inside. I just opened a support ticket including diagnostic info. I’ll post back here once I hear from them.

Anyone else having troubles with their Drobo FS with the fan running constantly?

Matt S.
Porterville, California USA