fan and round green light on the bottom stays on after computer shut down.

is this normal? Everything else seems to be working fine.

Drobo S, 5x WD 2TB Cavier Black drives, Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, on board eSata…W6PT7 Asus motherboard.

Do the drive lights turn off?


Does the power light turn amber or stay green when all the drive lights go off?

stay green

Generally you should give as much information as possible when you want help. In your case it might be the color of all LEDs both when the computer is on and off. You should also include what kind of connection you have between Drobo and the computer. You might have done some testing like unplugging the communication cable. Have you tested the Drobo at another computer? Have you tried another communication cable?

As readers we only see the lack of information as if you are not really interested in getting help.

your posts really sound snippy, the last sentence at least, and my multiple post should serve as a sign I want help. Although you make a good point i don’t see why that last sentence was neccessary.

I tested with other sata cables and usb cables and the same thing. The unit works normal, all lights as they should but when I shut down the computer the power lights stays green, all other lights are off, and the fan keeps running. I have to use the power switch to turn it off. All transfers work fine and the speed is fine. I have the latest dashboard and firmware.

When you shut down your computer the drive lights should go off and the power light should turn amber. I would recommend opening up a support case.

Please include what kind of computer you have, connection type, and the chipset information for your eSATA.

I feel sorry for that and want to apologize. I felt frustrated about the lack of information and reacted overly emotional. I hope we both learned something. You to supply more detailed information, and I to keep emotions under control and express them better.

I think you should try connecting with an USB cable instead and see what is happening.

Please post the solution here if support finds it.