False Drive Failure

So I have a drobo FS with 3 1.5 TB hard drives. It emailed me stating 1 was dead. I took it out and it was spinning and 2 months old so i decided to investigate. I place the drive in my computer and ran the seagate tool test and it passed the short test. Then ran the long test and ran a sector by sector scan. Everything passed.

Drobos comment was well if we said it is bad, it is bad adn we log it in a drobo so it will never use that drive again. Oh yeah, we don’t know anything about the ware abouts of where we log this or if we can remove the serial number.

Anyone have an idea of where this file/database is. I am current greping my whole drobo for the serial number? Has anyone else ever experience this?

all the other drobo’s store this too - so i imagine its stored deep within the proprietary beyondraid part of the system - which you almost certainly cannot access.

drobo’s tend to fail drives for good reason - often for reasons which are not picked up by the manufacturers diagnostic tools

there are many threads on this subject and many differences of opinions (have a search for them)

what it basically boils down to is:

if you have spent all this money on a device to protect your data from dodgy disks - then why are you trying to force it to accept a disk it tells you is dodgy?

The drive is fine. When you run a sector by sector scan and everything is less than 100ms that is a hard drive that is in excellent condition. I cant return it to seagate cause they told me it passes are test so it isn’t our problem (and i don’t blame them for this).

What do i search for to find these threads… i looked.

The drive is currently OK, but what Drobo tends to look for is signs that it’s on the way out.

It’s like the wear on your tires. Instead of waiting for a blowout, Drobo says “Hey, your tires are really bald. Time to replace it.” Sure, the tires are still inflated, but like Docchris said, why take the risk? It might be the difference between slipping on a turn, or in the case of Drobo, (fully) losing another drive, and then losing the “iffy” drive during the rebuild.

Interesting that Seagate won’t take it back. WD in the US at least used to require a diagnostic error code - now they simply don’t care.

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soccer - the simplest way is to send your diagnostic logs to DRI - they will tell you exactly why drobo failed the drive.

Take a look at:

Modern hard drives feature an ability to recover from some read/write errors by internally remapping sectors and other forms of self test and recovery. The process for this can sometimes take several seconds or (under heavy usage) minutes

from the Wikipedia Article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time-Limited_Error_Recovery

a 1 min retry/correction cycle is ok per seagate but the now remapped sector will not have a large access time, but the Drobo has failed this drive’s serial number already.

Take a look at google’s report at: http://static.googleusercontent.com/external_content/untrusted_dlcp/labs.google.com/en/us/papers/disk_failures.pdf

From the conclusion:
We find, for example, that after their first scan
error, drives are 39 times more likely to fail within 60
days than drives with no such errors.

Sounds like the drive corrected the first error, and the Drobo is paying attention!

drobo is aware of drives without TLER (i.e all the desktop drives its designed to work with)

but yes - essentially its signs like that which cause drobo to fail disks.

essentially you have two diagnostics… DRI’s … and seagate/WDs

one tried to keep your data as safe as possible, so fails drives as soon as they start to show signs of dying

the other tries to minimizes very expensive returns - so passes drives right up until the point when they are disastrous!

which of the two diagnostics do you wish to use to trust your data to?

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