Failure in drobo chassis hardware: how to solve

Hi all,

this is just a question for experts which already have experience about the answer.

What happens if, for any reason, all hd in drobo box (ex: 5C) are ok and the error´is instead in the chassis and the only solution is to replace the chassis itwself?

If I buy e new 5C and insert all the hd in the same position as the old broken one, does Drobo 5C automatically read and identify the previous configuration written on hd and all the data will be immediately available without the need of doing anything?

hi moro,
if your diskpack is ok, and if your 5c (hardware chassis) has the problem, then i think you should be able to use the migration process for accessing your diskpack via another compatible model, for example as mentioned here:

(i had to migrate the diskpack from my drobo-s-gen2 into another compatible model, and was able to access all my data again)

a key part of the process is to only remove (or insert) diskpacks in their entirety, and only when power is all off and unplugged, though more details are available via the link above for you.