Failing Drive

I’m running OS X 10.10.2.

I ran the verify function with Disk Utility and it identified the volume as needing repaired. I attempted to repair the volume and received an error to the effect of a drive is failing, back up the data immediately and replace the drive ASAP.

I then ran Disk Warrior on the volume and received an error “DiskWarrior has successfully rebuilt a new directory for the disk named Drobo. The new directory cannot replace the original directory because of a disk malfunction.”

Problem is the Drobo Dashboard says everything is fine and no lights are blinking on the Drobo. I submitted a request to Drobo with the diagnostics file asking them to please identify the failing drive so they can replace it and they won’t look at it unless I give them money either in extended support or by purchasing a new Drobo.

What is the best way of identifying a failing drive in a Drobo?

The best way to review disk status would be to use dashboard, and select each disk to see what the status and health is off each individual drive. If disk warrior advised the volume has been repaired, and dashboard shows no issues, you should be okay. Can you confirm if you can still access the data on the drive?

Drobo Support

Thank you for responding.

I do still have access to the data. However I’m starting to have little quirky things happen here and there with iTunes, TimeMachine, etc. that got me started down this path with the Verify/Repair. DiskWarrior found issues but was not able to repair them because of a “mechanical issue” with one of the drives.

When I use the Drobo Dashboard (2.5.2) it shows all drives green. The Drobo itself has all green lights as well. I don’t see where I can select each drive to check its status. Is that function available in my version of the Dashboard? The Dashboard says I have the latest versions of both the Dashboard and firmware.

If Disk Warrior is unable to repair the file system and you do not have access to your data we recommend a data recovery program like Data Rescue, R-Studio or Stellar Phoenix - these utilities simply scan the drives for data and recover files.

I believe my data is ok at the moment, I just want to replace the failing drive. Problem is I don’t know which one it is. Disk Utility and DiskWarrior both report a failing drive but the Drobo and the Dashboard do not.

This has happened in the past and the only way I was able to find out which drive was failing was by sending the diagnostics report to Drobo. They had no problems taking a quick look at it for me in the past, now they won’t without me paying them.

I don’t think I’m asking for much. Just which drive out of the 4 is on its way out. Let me replace it and if that doesn’t solve my problem then yes, I’d agree to additional paid service/support.

If the log file wasn’t encrypted I’d do it myself but I have no way of looking at it. To be honest I feel as if my data is being held hostage/ransom right now.