Failed to Save Settings


I’m trying to create a new share, and I get the message:

“Failed to save the settings”

Actually, getting this trying to change any settings.

I’m the administrator user, so I don’t get it.




Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m running into the same issue.


Have you tried rebooting the unit? I faced a similar problem recently.


I have just rebooted my Drobo and I cannot delete a 1TB share. I just get this error over and over.

I tried to remove the files from the Drobo via SSH, but that is taking absurdly long (over an hour removed only 85GB).


I’ve reinstalled the new Drobo Dashboard (2.6.8) three times. It still gives me the message “A required portion of Drobo Dashboard is no longer running.” I thought maybe the Drobo firmware needs updating, but since Dashboard can’t see my Drobo I can’t even address that. Anyone else having this problem?


Any solutions to this problem?

I cannot add or edit shares without the message “Failed to save the settings.”


hi, i was just wondering if you get this and are logging in to drobo as the user with administration privileges, or are you launching the dashboard tool with Admin rights? (am not sure but maye they both are needed?)


Im having the same issue. Cannot create a new share or change anything current.
Tried to reboot etc. to no avail.
Please advise this is a 5N
Drobo dashboard 2.7.0


hi fsudore, is there a particular user you are logging in as when you get that message?


I have a Drobo FS in office, turns out

“it will not save a setting if another action has already been occured”

So basically, if you add a share, save and close. Then you can edit the share and save and close.
I tried to remove defunct users, and then edit another and the entire system nearly halted on me.
I had to delete all the users I needed to, save, then go back and edit a user.

Hope this helps someone else in future.


hi, i was wondering what happens after the first successful change, if dashboard is closed / quit and then relaunched… does it then let another, 2nd change take place? maybe something is possibly locking something (between the program, or the computer) and needs a minimum time-delay before the next change can take place - maybe not ideal though am just thinking aloud :slight_smile:


I starting having this issue after the most recent firmware update. The auto and the manual after that. I guess to fix some issues but not this one. One way I found, only works for a while, is to power off the drobo, then unplug it for 1 min. Then when it comes back online, I can update users, shares etc. Very annoying that the firmware for me is causing this and so many other issues. But wanted to share what fixes this issue for me, hopefully it will help anyone else


I found a workaround, I think. First I updated access to share I wanted to delete to the share that I used (took a while). Then I mounted the share (also took a while). Actually, I may have done them in reverse order. Anyway, after that I could delete the share. Bizarre.

Hope this helps.


oh thanks for the last few users who posted suggestions


I tried all the above option but unable to delete the folder failed to save the settings error drobo5n firmware 4.1.4-8.120.108863.

Please Help