Failed to save settings - Administrator

Hi, I’m trying to set up my company’s Drobo B800fs and when i try to change the share settings it says “you must set up admin user before you can manage shares and users”.
So i do, when i set up the administrator account and press OK it says “failed to save settings”.

What may be the problem?

hi can i check if you are using dashboard version 2 or higher?
does the same problem happen if you try using dashboard to shutdown the drobo, and then to restart dashboard, and the drobo?

I’m using Dashboard version 2.8.4 [85812]
This problem does not happen when i try restarting or shutting the drobo down.
Could this problem be caused by the red alert of low space?

thanks for the info,

acccording to the screenshot you kindly posted, it shows you are on 100% full…
thats not really a good thing to be on :slight_smile:

i would suggest 2 things right now…

  1. to keep that drobo running, and if possible, to start backing up your data to play safe.
    (but to try and stop all possible programs etc, that might want to use it for storing more data)

  2. (after doing 1 above if possible, at least for the most important data)
    to then start trying to move off (via copy/paste/verify) about 6% of space, to essentially free up about 6% of free space.
    (which may be around 700-800GB if i did the sums) - the free space may creep up slowly, as the drobo runs through its space/block reclamation process.

then, once you are back to say 94% used, it would be good to try and upgrade that 2TB as indicated by dashboard, into a larger drive as applicable.