Failed drive has been cloned, but Drobo won't 'see' it. Drobo 2nd Gen


I’m helping a friend with his Drobo 2nd Gen.

It had 4x 1TB disks, it got very full, so he pulled the top drive to replace it.

The 3 remaining disks went into ‘recovery’ mode. During this, the drive in bay 2 failed. On the advice of drobo care the drive was cloned by a professional data recovery company. Drobo support we should do this, then put the cloned drive back and let it finish the recovery. (i’m prepared for this to take a long time)

Now, with the new hard drive in, the dashboard program just says ‘Too many hard drives have been removed’ .

How can I make to the drobo see this replaced drive ?

I know nothing about cloning Drobo disks, but that error usually means that it doesn’t find enough disks that it recognizes to complete a valid set.

Did you change much data between when the drive was removed and the other drive failed? I wonder if you could re-insert that original disk to recover the data.

If that drive was bad enough to need a cloning then it probably won’t be a huge help towards recovering the data.

Have you been able to send support a diagnostic file with the new cloned drive to see why it might be giving this error?

Hm. I wonder if the cloned drive inherited the Drobo “this is an ex-drive” marker. You might need to fiddle that before it’s recognized. I have no idea how, but Drobo support could find out.

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