Failed Checkdisk after BSODs

I recently contacted Drobo support about several BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) shortly after installing Drobo. It turns out, I think, that this was due to a conflict between Adobe Bridge software and newly updated graphics card drivers, well documented on the Web. I have uninstalled Adobe Bridge. I ran a Windows check disc on the Drobo drive, and, after several hours, it came up with the message ‘Windows could not complete check disc’.

My concern now is that there are corrupted files present. I seem to be able to access all my files on the Drobo drive (I use it for photographic manipulation), but I want to be sure that there is no damage that prevents Drobo from performing its principal task of backing up all data as it is added. Does the Drobo box have integrated bundled software for its function, that might be damaged in the event of several sudden computer shutdown?
How can I double check that all is well with Drobo?

Drobo will keep the data you feed it from being lost.

Of course, “the data you feed it” means exactly that. If your system is feeding it corrupt data, Drobo will just keep that corrupt data from being lost.

Drobo provides fault-tolerance, not backup. You might use it for backup, but the Drobo in and of itself does nothing for backup - it’s simply storage.

So, you really need to get the filesystem A-OK from your OS’s point of view first.

Keep running Chkdsk on it until it completes OK.
Altnernatively, getting a real backup solution and backing up your files to another drive (even if it’s a non-fault-tolerant drive like a large USB drive) would be a good idea too.


Hi, Brandon.
Thanks for your reassuring reply.
I have since sussed out how to run Chkdsk from a command line, and this seemd to go through more quickly and without any hitch.
Also, thanks for the reminder about external storage. I do in fact back up to an external hard drive as well, though have never got around to the extra security of storing one out of the house.
Thanks once again

You’re welcome John.

Sounds like you’ll be good moving forward. Data loss sucks, regardless of the cause so it’s definitely good to back up the important things.

If only Carbonite Online Backup didn’t consider my 3.5 TiB of data more than their average customer’s data usage, I’d use them, heh.

Of course not all of that 3.5 TiB is critical… so I really should separate the “must haves” from the “nice to haves” at some point.


well google’s got great prices on online storage, shame there is no easy way to upload to it

roll on “GDrive” !