Factory Default the DroBo B1200i

We recently acquired a B1200i and it can’t be seen on the network or by the DroBo Dashboard. Is there a way to factory default a system so that I can get into it? Or do I have a boat anchor?

Yes, there is a factory reset option, you can do the pin hole reset on the unit.


The pin hole is located in between and just below the network ports on the back of the B1200i.

Drobo Support

Hi there - I realise that I am resurrecting an ancient thread here, but this is the precise answer that I need.

I have a secondhand B1200i which appears to work - turns on, fans run, lights flash, green data transfer lights blink, blue capacity lights pulse up and down, and then (with no drives installed) one red light illuminates. Network port lights flash on the controller card, and the corresponding lights on the router/switch/PC flash suggesting data transfer.

The B1200i cannot be found on the network, it does not show in the router admin, and running the arp command on a Windows 10 system does not show me the machine. I have tried to do the pinhole reset (assuming the “pinhole”) is just next to the white lock symbol on the controller card, but nothing seems to be happening and the Drobo B1200i never becomes visible in Drobo Dashboard. I am struggling because I want to verify WHERE the problem is. If I just need to replace a Controller Card, then I might even buy and install one - but if not, this unit needs to be returned to the seller as defective.

I am a long time Drobo user and I’ve been looking forward to purchasing this 12-bay unit for years - more than anything I would just like to see it working properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi am having the same issue, what’s the pinhole procedure? I can’t access the link they provide on top.

I’ve pressed it for what it seems to an eternity and I don’t feel the drobo power cycle or anything I’ve done this from power off.

I have the same issue as you all is on it appears to work but no where on the network :-/

Same issue… Seems that the OS doesn’t fully load… Cant find this Pinhole procedure for the b1200i anyone?

Seems the “pinhole” procedure worked for me… Hold the paperclip in the pinhole (you will hear the switch click) and the power button, until the unit boots all the way up. Your arm and fingers will hurt lol.