F*&k this system

how many false drive failures in bay 1 on my 8d before we get some F-ing software updates ? I have four of these systems, and its always bay 1. I take the drive our and plug in back in and its fine, then I need to wait 3 days for it to rebuild the array. I seriously wish I had done my research before invest $30k+ into this.

I understand your frustration, I went thru the same, popping the drive back having it work for days then failure shows up again. I posted on here & someone replied & convinced me that DROBO software is very sensitive to drive failures, and is warning me in advance of the drive failure. I now consider this an advanced warning & I make sure I have replacement drive ready.

They tried to tell me the same thing but it’s always in bay one and none of these drives have ever failed.

What HDDs are you using?