EZRSS issue

Hi guys

Having an issue with using ezrss (can’t use news servers just yet) via the sickbeard drobo app, only noticed it today but now suspect it’s been happening for maybe a week.
Saw that EZRSS is now exclusively using https, which caused sickbeard to complain about an incomplete file, which I assumed was due to it not being able to validate the cert.

After some fighting I got around it by just updating to the latest available build on the droboport branch, only to create a different problem, and that’s now that every episode shows up as UNKNOWN quality, so it gets skipped.

2014-12-01 15:10:14 DEBUG SEARCHQUEUE-BACKLOG-248596 :: any,best = [1, 2] [] and found 32768
2014-12-01 15:10:14 DEBUG SEARCHQUEUE-BACKLOG-248596 :: Don’t want this quality, ignoring found episode

I suppose I could work around it by just having ezrss.py return a static value for quality, but I’d prefer if it was just able to pick up the right quality.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

Any help is appreciated.