Extremely Slow Read Speeds

XServe running OS X 10.6.4 Server connected to the DroboElite over iSCSI via shielded CAT6 cable directly into one of the NICs. Jumbo frames and and flow-control are enabled on both the DroboElite and the Xserve.

I Ran the AJA test using a variety of file sizes and I’ve found that the write speeds on the DroboElite are moving as quickly as advertised, however the read speeds are extremely slow.

Average read speed range from .9mb to 1.2mb, average write speeds 34mb

I’ve replaced the CAT6 cable, verified that there aren’t any miswired pairs, and changed which NICs are in use. Nothing has changed. Has anyone seen this issue before?

Humme, I also ran the AJA test plus other HDD benchmark tools and my sequential write/read thruput varies depends on the size of the files. I’m not using any 1Gigabit switch - just a Cat-6 crossover cable. What kind of 1Gig switch U have?

I am not using a switch for this connection. I’ve since booted into 32 bit mode on my server and the speeds are now in the 20-30mb range, although it’s still appallingly slow compared to other solutions.

I’ve contacted Drobo and after about five different support representatives they told me the WD Green drives that shipped with my Elite were not designed for a RAID environment and that I should replace all of the hard drives in my array with ES models. So the official position seems to be “spend $900 more to test our conjecture.”