Extremely slow files copies from PC/MacBook to Drobo FS

Hi, I just bought a Drobo FS.

I connected it directly on my MacBook 13, in order to make some teste.
And I am experiencing very very slow speed file transfer (around 2 or 3 Mo/s, instead of 25Mo/s or more…). I observed same problem by connecting the Drobo FS also directly on a PC under Win7.

HD are WD 1.5To Caviar Green.
Ethernet Wire is a 5e Class one.

What do I have to do in order to accelerate file transfer’s speed ? Is there some special settings I have to manage on my ethernet interface (I just set default settings : Speed 1000BaseT, Full Duplex, MTU 9000).

Help !!! Almost 3 days I working on it and no improvements…

Thank you for your help

Do you have any DroboApps running? Media servers such as fuppes, firefly and minidlna are notorious for slowing down the Drobo due to the heavy disk activity while indexing your media files.

No, no DroboApps running. I have not even turn on the functionnality

I assume your MacBook supports jumbo frames? I only ask because Apple has had a maddening history of screwing this up every so often (witness my 15" MacBook Pro that doesn’t do jumbo frames).

Of course, if you’re seeing that over a direct connection, tested with multiple computers, it sure sounds like a dud DroboFS. I’d contact DRI, as you may need a replacement. Good news is all you have to do is swap the disk pack.

Hum, it does sound good what you say. Are you sure it could be a dud Drobo ? How do we have to do to contact DRI ? Do you know what is the warranty period of a Drobo FS ?
I really hope this is not a dud Drobo. I’m in contact with the support in order to try to find where it can come from…

Yeah, that initial setup can be a b*tch, as the drobo really doesn’t seem to cope well with being fed many files at a time, especially if they are small, i.e <1 MB.

Check out my post on the same subject here:

And what became my solution for that initial file transfer to get the drobo up and running:

If it is any consolation - once I got through that shitty week or two of getting all my files transfered over, I’ve been very happy with my pair of FS’s

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